March Newsletter

March Newsletter

This is what has been happening this month at SCO Recruitment!

Melbourne and Perth Offices

We’d like to introduce our new Account Manager Gavin Duckham to our team in Melbourne!

Gavin has worked in the recruitment industry for the past 15 years and has experience recruiting across many types of roles in South Africa, England and Australia. Gavin’s experience will be great in helping us support our Melbourne based clients.

In addition to welcoming Gavin, we’d like to congratulate our team in Perth who are also doing really well and are starting to make a name for themselves after opening up in Perth towards the end of last year.

If you need any employees around Perth or Melbourne, or know of anyone looking for work in these areas, let us know and we’ll be happy to assist!

Employee of the Month

Each month we have countless hard working employees who are out at our clients’ sites doing a fantastic job.

This month our Employees for the Month are:

Kevin Collins of Auburn Council

Edwin Antonio of Portavin and Gulf Western Oil

A big thanks to Kevin and Edwin who have been a real help to us this month. Thanks for all your great work!

Client of the Month

Our Client of the Month for March goes to…

Marrickville Council

for having the largest growth in hours over the past month

Thank you Marrickville for all your support over the years. It is a genuine pleasure to be working with you guys!

SCO Recruitment Shirts

Over the past couple of months we have been giving out Hi Vis shirts to our employees who regularly need them for their work.

It’s a small way of supporting our employees while making sure they are working safely in their workplaces.

If you think you need a Hi Vis shirt and you haven’t received one yet, give your recruitment consultant a call and we’ll get you a shirt as soon as possible!

WH&S – Getting On and Off Equipment and Vehicles

As many of our employees use equipment and vehicles on a daily basis and because injuries can happen so easily, it’s very important to know the proper ways of mounting or dismounting from any equipment or vehicles.

The best way to do this is by using three points of contact. This means using one hand and two feet or two hands and one foot.

As well as this you should:

  • Always face the equipment when mounting or dismounting
  • Only mount or dismount when the equipment is stationary
  • Never jump off of any equipment
  • Use the treads and grab handles provided – don’t use wheel hubs or tyres
  • Ensure the treads and grab handles are in a usable condition and free from mud, oil or grease
  • Ensure your footwear has ample grip
  • Avoid wearing any lose or torn clothing

If you remember these simple points, you will substantially reduce your chance of injury when getting on or off any vehicles or equipment


At the end of this month it’s Easter!

The key dates over the Easter break include:

  • 29th March – Good Friday (Public Holiday)
  • 30th March – Easter Saturday (Public Holiday)
  • 31st March - Easter Sunday
  • 1st April – Easter Monday (Public Holiday)

For clients, if your employees are working over the long weekend, could you please get their timesheets to us by C.O.B on the last day they are working that week.

If they are not working over the long weekend, could you please get timesheets to us by Thursday 28th March.

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