Health & Safety

Our commitment to Workplace health and safety
Health and Safety is ever evolving and thus cannot be static. SCO has a fully compliant and cohesive Corporate WHSM System supported by upper management, plans, policies and procedures which have been developed by accredited and experienced SCO staff in consultation with appropriate governing WHS bodies and authorities. We work on a unique and strategic plan with each client to support hazard reduction and provide resources required for a safe workplace, these include but are not limited to
Site Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment with control policies and procedures
• Development of Site Safety Plan and associated Safe Work Method Statements
• Development of Environmental Management Plan

OH&S Inspection Schedules negotiated with the client

SCO will continually fight to have the safest work places in Australia by consultation and providing the necessary resources to meet continually changing demands.

Our Aim at SCO
To lodge WHS best practice into the minds and actions of all SCO employees and clients and to enable avenues for employees at all levels to develop and improve safety conscious knowledge and attitudes for positive and compelling change to safety.

Unfortunately some injuries still occur which can cause employees to be unable to work for a period of time. We have a dedicated return to work program with thorough independent assessors to ensure continuity for both employers and employees.

Injury and Hazard management – Forms
We are all about creating a safe and user-friendly place for our clients and employees to report hazards and injuries. SCO have developed policies and procedures to ensure that, all employees have, without fear of losing their position, the ability to speak up when something is not right. Please download and utilise our forms to your advantage.

SCO Form Incident Injury Report

SCO Policy Work Health and Safety

SCO Form Work Place Assessment

SCO Proc Paramedical and Injury flowchart

Policies and procedures
Our policies confirm that everyone from the CEO/ General Manager down understands that they are responsible in creating a safe workplace. With measurable objectives, SCO has clearly outlined that the right tools will be provided to identify hazards, WHS inspection techniques, a complete role and site specific induction as well as easy avenues to report.
All our policies and procedures are compliant with:
• OHS Management Systems Guidelines
• Work Health and Safety Act, 2011 and the
• Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011.

Best Practice
At SCO we believe each employee is responsible for Work Health and Safety all employees are encouraged to demonstrate safety leadership and consciousness.Our Senior Management Team, Directors and CEO have expressed continual improvement in our WHS manual. This means that all safety decisions are made to continually reduce injury, disease and work related hazards pursuant to the WHS Act 2011.

Preferred supplier and five standard tick
At SCO we are acknowledged and certified by SAI Global Certification Services. The Certified Product “five ticks” Standards Mark demonstrates that we have had our products independently tested and our processes assessed to some of the world’s toughest safety standards.

We’re also a preferred supplier and panelist recruiter for the following local government contracts:
- Your PA Procurement Australia – 410/0618 – Recruitment, Training and Associated Services
- Local Government Procurement – LGP808 – Temporary Personnel and Associated Services
- Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC) – Provision of Temporary Staffing Services to Member Councils
- City of Sydney – Tender 0843 – Provision of Temporary Staff








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