December Newsletter

Welcome to SCO Recruitment’s December Newsletter!

With Christmas approaching quickly (it’s just 2 weeks away!), we welcome you to the Christmas edition of our newsletter. We hope you enjoy our Christmas news and find it helpful.


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Christmas Payroll

This is just another reminder about Christmas payroll. Any employee timesheets received after 10:00am on Christmas Eve (Monday) won’t get processed until Thursday the 27th of December. To make sure your employees get paid in time for Christmas, please get your timesheets in before 10:00am Monday!

This is the same for New Years as well. Timesheets need to be in by 10:00am Monday 31st December otherwise employees may be paid late. If you’ll be on leave, make sure you get them in beforehand or please make other arrangements.

Client of the Month

From this month on we’ll be introducing a client of the month program!

We’ve decided to thank those clients who are constantly making our lives easier and who are a real pleasure to do business with by sending out a small gift each month.

Although we have many great clients to choose from, this month we’ve decided to go with Sandvik Australia!

It was a tough choice but it’s well deserved. Thanks to everyone out at Sandvik for all your support. We really appreciate it! We’ll be sending a small gift out your way shortly!

Employee of the Month

Once again we’d like to thank our employees for all their hard work over the past month! You guys are such an important part of our business. We couldn’t do it without you!

This month we’ve chosen two employees who have gone that extra mile. A big congratulations goes out to…

Blair Comerford

Christian Milligan 

You guys are our employees of the month for December!  Well done Blair and Christian! We’ll be sending out your movie tickets shortly

Heat Stress

As we have just entered summer and as many of our employees are working outdoors, we thought it would be a good time to remind everyone about heat stress.

Working in the hot sun for extended periods can lead to certain heat disorders which can affect your efficiency and your health including heatstroke, sunstroke or heat exhaustion. To prevent these:

  • Drink plenty of cold fluids, especially water
  • Adopt a sensible diet
  • Wear suitable clothing. A wide-brimmed hat or hard-hat brim and loose light garments allow for good body ventilation. Long sleeves will reduce perspiration loss and will protect you from sun rays
  • You should know and recognise the symptoms of heat exhaustion, heatstroke or sunstroke so you can take immediate action for treatment and medical attention

Symptoms of heat exhaustion:

  • Headache, dizziness, nausea
  • Muscular cramps
  • General feeling of tiredness
  • Profuse sweating and cold and clammy skin
  • Drinking does not satisfy thirst

Symptoms of heatstroke or sunstroke:

(Heatstroke is a serious medical condition that requires immediate attention. It should be treated as a Medical Emergency)

  • Excitement, convulsions, delirium
  • Face becomes flushed
  • Skin becomes dry and hot
  • Body temperature rises alarmingly
  • In extreme circumstances the patient may become unconscious

By recognising these symptoms, wearing suitable clothing and by eating and drinking well, you should feel much more comfortable working in the sun!

Christmas Opening Hours

Our office in Moorebank will be closed on the public holidays throughout the Christmas/New Year period including:

  • Christmas Day (Tuesday 25th December)
  • Boxing Day (Wednesday 26th December)
  • New Years Day (Tuesday 1st January)

Outside of these days we will be operating as usual from 8:30am – 5:00pm.

If you have any enquiries or concerns, feel free to give us a call on 02 8738 0100

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