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At SCO Recruitment we’re experts in working with you
to build the best team possible for your workplace

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Nobody knows the industrial and local government marketplace better than us

Our expertise means we can work with you to create a more successful team than you could on your own

A successful team means your workplace will flourish!

Greater reach

We know all the ins and outs of the employment marketplace

We know where to find hidden talent where others don’t

Our greater reach means building you a team with better players!


Recruiting employees on a daily basis through our established networks means our hiring process is very efficient

We can save you weeks of searching, meaning you can spend your time more wisely

An easy fit

Employees hired through less effective means and smaller talent pools often require months of expensive training and orientation

At SCO we can find you highly skilled, work ready employees who don’t need all that extra training, which saves you money

Objective view

By looking from the outside, we can provide you with an objective, unbiased viewpoint

We aren’t influenced by internal issues – our goal is to simply find you the most outstanding person to resolve your employment problem